Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Black Car Limo and taxi app

Most corporate people don't have a time to look for limo after their meeting; what they want is as soon their meeting or event is over, their ride or pick up transportation should be there after the corporate eventually over. That's why we recommend 247limoz black car service app or a taxi app in Denver. Whatever your need is we can take care of that. You can even hire us in the app as well by the hours, flat rate. 247limoz has made the life easy for busy people who want things on time and bookings in advance. 
If you need a Denver airport pick up , we got you covered there as well, we keep an eye on your flight status so you don't have to worry about that; plus when you flight lands our driver calls you and communicate with you on each and every step. 
We also do meet and greet at the airport; just tick mark that in the app and we will take care of that. 
If you need any special request you can write that down in the notes and we will fulfill that for you. 
On top of that, we have a car feature in the app, so you can even call us. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Taxi service app

247limoz, is a transportation service application which is currently service Denver Colorado market. Either you need a transportation to Denver International Airport or any other regional airport; use 247limoz app to book you ride. It is extremely easy to operate. 247limoz also launched a taxi feature in the app as well; so if you don't need a black car service no worries , you can book for taxi (your private taxi). In addition to that, everything is sync with your card so you never have to pay cash for your fate or tip in the car; just relax and enjoy your ride with us. The app is available for iPhones as well as Google android phones. Our limo and taxi service app also have a call feature built in; so if you are having technical difficulties booking your transportation no worries , just give us a call and we will book that for you. Don't forget the app is called 247limoz

Thursday, June 4, 2015

our new service @ 247limoz

we just launched a new service on our app; it's our version of taxi. all you have to do is download our app 247limoz and book you next ride wherever that might be.
now you have 3 option in our car service application--sedan, suv, and taxi; all of them can be scheduled any time of the day, either that's for Denver Airport Transportation or just a ride in town, just download our app and book your next ride with us